Frequently Asked Questions

Have you ever been to an all-inclusive resort? If you have, then an endless supply of alcohol will be very familiar to you. We provide as much alcohol as you can responsibly consume. We provide everything needed to service your event. This includes but is not limited to all the alcohol, ice, glassware, napkins, straws, garnishes, mixers, bitters, and non-alcoholics drinks such as coke products and juices.

We require a signed “Beverage Event Order” and a 75% deposit of your estimated total bill. Your estimated total bill is based on the Initial Estimated Attendance (IEA) that you give to your event specialist. Your final bill will be calculated based on your Final Estimated Attendance (FEA) which you will give to your event specialist as your event date approaches.

In the event of our client’s needing to cancel an event, we do offer a full refund of any monies paid toward your event up to 60 days prior to your event. At 59 days and less, no refund will be given and all monies will be forfeited to Oak & Olive for a cancellation.

You can customize anything you would like. If you want two hours of service, we can tend bar for two hours. If you want eight, we’ve got you covered. Do you want us to serve your VIP guests before or after your event? We can do it.

Absolutely. You may add on hours to your package at any point in our journey together. You may add hours on in the planning stages, after you have agreed to the SOW and even at your event with venue approval if you choose.

Based on your contracted event hours with the venue, we will provide bartending services for as long as you choose, with respect to venue policies. Our contractual hours with you are from the time the bar is set up until the time the bar closes. O&O delivery, set-up and tear-down hours are not considered to be a part of your event service hours though they are included in the whole package. Please keep in mind that most venues require the bar to close 30 minutes prior to the close of the event. Oak & Olive will give a “soft last call” 15 minutes prior to the bar closing time. The closing of the bar prior to the end of your event is usually controlled by your venue and not O&O. With venue approval, we will happily extend bartending services on site during your event should you choose to add more hours of bartending services. Additional fees apply.

We accept ACH bank transfer, Check, and Credit Card. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.

No, we are very transparent in our pricing. We offer you a price-per-guest fee based on your Estimated Guest Attendance and your selected package of choice. We add a flat-rate service fee onto the subtotal of your package. While gratuity is your choice, we do suggest 20% of the subtotal which will go to our bartenders who are servicing your event.

As a general rule, Oak & Olive does not keep tip jars on the bar. Should you want tip jars on the bar, please notify your Event Specialist.

Yes, we do provide basic bars if the venue does not have built-in bars. If the venue does not have a pre-existing bar, we provide all bars needed to service your event. Please speak with your Event Specialist if you have a specific number of bars in mind to service your event or if you would like to customize your bars to incorporate your vision for your event. Depending on the package your purchase there may be additional charges for a custom or upgraded bar.

Final Payment is due no later than 20 days prior to your event. If your payment is received after this date and within 1-19 days of your event, we add an additional 10% late fee to the final invoice total.

We are currently focusing our services within the Denver Metro Area. If you have an event outside of this area, please reach out to our sales team to see how we can best serve you.

We start by gathering information specific to your event (i.e. estimated guest attendance, venue details and other event specific information) and we build out an initial quote. Based on your feedback, we change, add, and carve out specifics in detail such as alcohol to be served at your event, specialty cocktails and their recipes, and your package of choice. Upon approval of the proposal details, we then move onto drafting up a Beverage Event Order (BEO).

The BEO is one of our contractual documents that outlines every detail for your event including but not limited to; the event timeline, equipment and staffing, fee and contract date deadlines, your package of choice, customized menu items and orders, and the cost summary based on your Initial Estimated Attendance of your event. Upon agreement and signing the BEO, a Service Contract (our legal document of policies) is signed and a 75% deposit is taken. Then, Oak & Olive takes your event to the next level internally. As a team, we design your event behind the scenes to accomplish the vision we have created with you. Within 30-60 days of your event, Oak & Olive will attend your final venue walk-through to make sure all the details are in order.